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The Beautiful handbags and Accessories is a Rising Star in Canada Fashion scene. Founded by the Canadian designertarek Azbat in 2007, the company has labeled itself as one of the top vegan Fashion Brands in the country.

The Azbat you wanted to be a part of the fashion world for as long as I could remember. Was crazy about all aspects of Fashion, How beautiful it can be and how good it new balance shoes can make you feel, he said.

I discovered that the Azbat: Fashion handbags and Accessories are more than a Purse to hold your belongings they can be your best friend. Items like Scarves, handbags and Wallets can be with you all day and all night, traveling and holding your secrets with you, keeping you warm and adding Personality to your individual style.

Trends Report: What influences you in your Handbag and Accessories Designs?

The azhbat: People! All Types and shapes. I ‘m new balance shoes new balance shoes ong>influenced by Lifestyles and that’s an endless source of Inspiration. I look at the individual Lifestyle needs and wants in a Handbag or accessories and How I can make it so that it will give the desired function and look fabulous.

Trends Report: What are some interesting tidbits about the beautiful handbags?

The azhbat: nella Beautiful Label has established itself as one of the new balance shoes Premium vegan brands in the country. All of our products consist of materials from the vegan World Cotton blends, canvas, Nylon, PU, PU etc. stands for Polyurethane and is typically used on cotton felt or bases.

Canadian Fashion Brands which Trends Report: are you a fan of?

The azhbat: Lululemon And Pink Tartan.

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